Meet Ashlee Diffin

As a lifelong resident of Idaho, Ashlee has enjoyed all the amazing aspects of being born and raised in a small town.  As a young girl, Ashlee spent her days camping on the beautiful North Fork of the Clearwater enjoying fishing, hiking, hunting and riding motorcycle with her family.  Her family and her also enjoyed spending their weekends on the breathtaking Dworshak Reservoir. When Ashlee wasn’t exploring the outdoors, she was attending dance classes, softball practices and basketball camps.  She learned so much at a young age about respecting and enjoying the outdoors. She recognized working hard, having integrity and being a team player is key in this big world. 

Ashlee never slowed down by the time she hit high school. She was playing every sport she could, volunteering in her community every opportunity she had and spending her weekends with her family at their cabin in the woods.  She worked at Orofino Flower Shop through those years and loved the people. It allowed her to be creative and develop an eye for design.

After graduating high school, Ashlee started her 10-year career as a loan officer at Lewis Clark Credit Union in Orofino.  Ashlee has carried her passion of sports and being involved in the community and schools through her adult years.  Her husband and her have never regretted their decision to raise their children in a small town in Idaho.  Ashlee enjoys passing down all of the amazing memories and adventures she remembers of the great outdoors to her children.

Ashlee can’t wait to share with others the love and passion she has being born and raised in North Central Idaho.

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